Patient injuries abroad

Finnish patient insurance does not cover treatment provided abroad. You cannot receive compensation from Finland for a treatment injury that has been caused by treatment provided abroad. When you seek treatment abroad, find out what kind of treatment injury system the country has. Make sure, too, that you have received sufficient information about the treatment […]

Country-specific information about health services

On the country-specific pages you’ll find information about using healthcare services in the destination country, about issues relating especially to the provision of and access to treatment, about payments, and about the health insurance institutions and other authorities relating to healthcare in the respective destination countries. The Finnish authorities cannot influence what kind of care […]

Reference networks for rare diseases

 (ERNs) refer to networks covering the EU area where healthcare professionals and centres of expertise specialising in rare diseases in various countries can exchange knowledge and expertise relating to treatment. The work of the reference networks is based on the voluntary participation of healthcare professionals and organisations. By establishing reference centres, the aim is to […]

Assistive devices abroad

If your assistive device breaks while you are abroad The relevant Finnish authorities will not usually reimburse the costs of maintaining or repairing assistive devices abroad, nor will they arrange for a repair to be carried out abroad. The relevant Finnish authorities are not obliged to provide you with a new assistive device abroad. You […]

Rehabilitation abroad

If you need rehabilitation as a result of a traffic accident or an accident at work, the rehabilitation will be available through insurer. Agree in advance with your insurance company on the procedures if you intend to go abroad to obtain rehabilitation Rehabilitation abroad on the basis of the Health Insurance Act You can seek […]

Chronic diseases

A doctor or other healthcare professional in the place of treatment will determine what kind of care or clinical examinations will be required to treat your chronic condition. The kind of treatment you will receive is always determined in accordance with the legislation of the country in which you are staying. Treatment and related examinations […]

Pregnancy and childbirth abroad

You can obtain medically necessary treatment relating to pregnancy and childbirth by presenting the when you are temporarily staying in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. Temporary residence usually refers to a stay of less than a year abroad. You may not, however, use the European Health Insurance Card if you are going […]

Follow-up treatment for treatment received abroad

You will receive treatment on the basis of an assessment of the need for treatment made by the doctor caring for you in a public healthcare unit of your municipality of residence, even if it is a matter of follow-up care for treatment provided abroad. Follow-up treatment may involve, for example, post-operative wound care, laboratory […]

Medical records abroad

If you are seeking treatment abroad, find out from the treatment provider what medical records are required. Necessary records usually consist of a referral or a medical certificate, a medical report and laboratory and imaging results. Medical records in Finnish are seldom of any use as such abroad. Specific medical terms and codes such as […]

Language of treatment and interpretation

If you are seeking treatment abroad, find out in advance the language used in the place of treatment. You are usually responsible for the costs of any interpretation yourself if you have sought heath services in another country. If you become ill in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland during a temporary stay […]