Medical prescription for purchasing medication abroad

Prescriptions issued in other EU countries must be filled at Finnish pharmacies and Finnish prescriptions must be filled in other EU countries. The reciprocal recognition of European prescriptions based on the EU Patient Directive only applies to the EU countries. EEA countries and Switzerland can fill prescriptions issued in EU countries, but are not obliged […]

Filling foreign medical prescriptions in Finland

Prescriptions issued in other EU or EEA countries or Switzerland must be filled in Finland if they carry the following information: patient’s surname, first name and date of birth prescription’s date of issue information on the prescribing professional: surname, first name, professional qualification, direct contact information (e-mail address and phone number or fax with the […]

Verifying the correctness of a foreign medical prescription

If necessary, pharmacies may ask the contact point for cross-border health care to ascertain the right to issue prescriptions of a health care professional operating in another EU country. Requests can be sent to the contact point by e-mail (yhteyspiste(at) In order to investigate the matter, the contact point needs information about the health care […]