Costs of treatment abroad

For example, the price invoiced from the customer may be based on service productisation, product prices or the market price in the target country. The price to be invoiced can also be based on whether the service is provided using public or private funds. The starting point for treatment abroad is that the customer is […]

Client fees

The use of public healthcare services is subject to a customer fee, the maximum amount of which has been determined in legislation. A municipality cannot unilaterally decide to charge you fees that are higher than the maximum limits defined within legislation. If no maximum amount has been set, the fee for a service may be […]

Client fees within public healthcare

The customer must receive a specific decision concerning the customer fee. The decision must contain the appeal instructions and the appeal address. Prepare your appeal concerning a public healthcare customer fee within 30 days (1.1.2016) of having received the decision. If necessary, the patient ombudsman can help you prepare the appeal. You can receive the contact […]