Kela’s decision concerning a certificate of entitlement to treatment

Prepare your appeal in writing and submit it to Kela within 30 days after having received information concerning the decision. You are considered to have received the decision on the seventh day after its mailing.

European Health Insurance Card for pensioners

The country covering the costs of your medical care is usually the country that pays your pension. If you have accumulated a pension from several countries, and one of them is the country that you currently reside in, that country will cover your costs of medical care. If you do not receive a pension from […]

European Health Insurance Card

Temporary residence usually refers to a stay of less than year for the purpose of, for example, a holiday or studies. You will receive treatment for sudden illness, worsening of a chronic condition, pregnancy or childbirth with the same customer fee and in the same manner as the residents of Finland. Medically necessary treatment refers […]

How to prove your right to treatment in Finland

There are several different certificates and their purposes vary. Present your certificate of entitlement to the care provider when you arrive for treatment. The certificate must be valid at the time when the treatment is given. Sudden illness If you become suddenly ill during a temporary stay in Finland (on holiday, for example) or you […]

European Health Insurance Card for pensioners

By presenting the card you can obtain medically necessary treatment when staying in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. The card functions in the same way in the country of residence as the usually does. In addition, the card will enable you to receive treatment you need within the public healthcare system in […]

European Health Insurance Card

Medically necessary treatment is care decided on by a doctor or other healthcare professional. It is treatment that you must obtain in order to be able to safely continue your stay in the destination country in accordance with your original plans. A need for medically necessary treatment can arise due to, besides sudden illness, a […]

If you fall ill in Europe

Medically necessary medical care usually refers to treatment that cannot wait for your return home. Temporary residence usually refers to a stay of less than year in the destination country for the purpose of, for example, a holiday or exchange studies. The need for treatment must emerge during the course of your stay. Treatment must […]