Contact points in EU and EEA countries

Austria Gesundheit Österreich GmbH Belgium Soins de santé transfrontaliers E-mail: information(at) Bulgaria National Health Insurance Fund E-mail: crossbordercare(at) Croatia Croatian Health Insurance Fund E-mail: ncp-croatia(at) Cyprus Ministry of Health E-mail: ncpcrossborderhealthcare(at) Czech Republic Ministry of Health E-mail: info(at) Denmark Danish Patient Safety Authority E-mail: pob(at) Estonia Eesti Haigekassa […]

Statistical and research information

 can be found on Contact Point’s SlideShare presentation. Statistics provided by Kela include information on European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC), medical care costs incurred abroad and their reimbursements, and prior authorisations for seeking treatment abroad. The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) collects statistical and register information from social and health care organisations operating […]

Frequently asked questions on cross-border healthcare

Answers to frequently asked questions about Treatment in Finland Treatment abroad Reimbursement of costs Prior authorisation Service choices in healthcare Language and medical records Follow-up treatment of a patient Patient insurance European medical prescription Charging the treatment costs of patients coming from abroad Questions concerning the Åland Islands

Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care

Each member state of the European Union has its own Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare. National Contact Points for Cross Border Healthcare are responsible for communications and the exchange of information related to cross-border healthcare. In Finland, the Contact Point is located within the Social Insurance Institution (Finnish acronym: Kela), where it has functioned since […]