Kela’s decision concerning a certificate of entitlement to treatment

Prepare your appeal in writing and submit it to Kela within 30 days after having received information concerning the decision. You are considered to have received the decision on the seventh day after its mailing.

European Health Insurance Card for pensioners

The country covering the costs of your medical care is usually the country that pays your pension. If you have accumulated a pension from several countries, and one of them is the country that you currently reside in, that country will cover your costs of medical care. If you do not receive a pension from […]

Prior authorisation (form S2)

The prior authorisation is a promissory note, based on which the party granting the permission reimburses the country providing the treatment for the costs related to the treatment. You can apply for prior authorisation from the authorities in your country of residence, usually from your own health insurance institute. Prior authorisation is used in the […]

Certificate of entitlement to treatment in Finland

Such a certificate can be issued when you are working in Finland but not permanently living there, for example. A certificate can also be issued when your place of domicile is in Finland but another country is responsible for the costs of your medical care. The certificate contains the following information: The scope of treatment […]

Passport and personal identification

A citizen of another country who is permanently living in another Nordic country or Australia can also use a passport from another country to prove their right to treatment. The passport of a person coming from Australia must indicate unlimited right of residence in Australia. Furthermore, their permanent address of residence must be in Australia […]

European Health Insurance Card for pensioners

By presenting the card you can obtain medically necessary treatment when staying in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. The card functions in the same way in the country of residence as the usually does. In addition, the card will enable you to receive treatment you need within the public healthcare system in […]

Prior authorisation (form S2)

In general, form S2 is used when a person seeks treatment in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland. Form S2 is a payment commitment, in which case the treatment provider will invoice the party that issued the form for the costs of treatment retrospectively. If you have received from Kela prior authorisation on […]

E and S forms concerning residence

In Finland, Kela deals with E and S forms concerning entitlement to treatment. Different forms, which are standardised in the EU, are used for different categories of people. The following forms are used to register entitlement to treatment: E 106: workers E 109: family members E 120: pension applicants E 121: pensioners and family members […]

Passport and identity card

You can also use the in another Nordic country or in the United Kingdom, but it is not essential. The treatment provider usually needs to know your address in Finland. In Australia, you will receive treatment in the country´s public healthcare system in the same way and at the same price as the local residents […]

European Health Insurance Card

Medically necessary treatment is care decided on by a doctor or other healthcare professional. It is treatment that you must obtain in order to be able to safely continue your stay in the destination country in accordance with your original plans. A need for medically necessary treatment can arise due to, besides sudden illness, a […]