Kela forms for emigrants and immigrants available online


Kela has made all forms intended for private clients and partners available on its online service, divided by topic. One of the topics is Moving to or from Finland including, for example, the application form for entitlement to healthcare when moving from Finland. This application is used when you move to an EU/EEA country or […] at the municipal fair Kuntamarkkinat 13 to 14 September 2017


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare will be presenting the online service at the public administration event Kuntamarkkinat. is an online service that provides information on how to access healthcare in Finland and abroad and on the rights of patients to choose their place of treatment as well as on reimbursement of medical […]

Municipal decision-makers meet at the House of Municipalities: will also be on location at the Kuntamarkkinat fair on 13 – 14 September 2017


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare will present the online service at Kuntamarkkinat, a fair for municipal professionals estimated to attract some 7,000 visitors. Kuntamarkkinat is the only public administration forum for all municipal administration sectors in Finland. Central government, businesses and associations are also represented at the fair. The seminars and information spots […]