How to get treatment abroad and other questions about healthcare services


In June, the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare asked people to describe their need for information about healthcare services as well as their experiences. The purpose of the survey was to find out about clients’ needs and wishes in order to develop the contact point’s communications and the web service. A total of 96 […]

Almost 1,8 million Finns already have the European Health Insurance Card


Kela has already provided almost 1,8 million Finns with the European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC. According to Kela’s statistics, the number of cards has risen steadily from the 1,2 million issued by 2012. All of those whose medical care costs Finland is responsible for are eligible for a . You can order the card […]

Use of health care services abroad and Kela reimbursement


According to Kela’s statistics on Finns who have suddenly fallen ill or  outside Finland, medical costs incurred abroad and reimbursements paid retrospectively to the customers are slightly rising. The statistics only take into account those cases where the customers paid all the medical costs themselves and then applied for retroactive reimbursement from Kela. Any costs […]